Hockey Canada Safety Program The goal of the program is for the safety people to implement effective risk management programs with their own teams where player safety is the first priority at all times, both on and off the ice. The safety person is a volunteer who has received HCSP accreditation. The HCSP program must be successfully completed every six (6) years in order to be a team’s safety person, even if the individual is a medical professional.

The entire HCSP course is available online. There are no face to face clinic requirements. You are given (qualified÷ status on HCR upon completion of the E-Learning modules. Once payment is complete you will receive two emails to the email address used to register. Please make sure that your email address is correct. Your link to the E-Learning modules will be in one e-mail. The second email is a receipt. The e-learning modules will take approximately 3 hours to complete.

Cost for the course is $27.30.

The safety person:

  • Must conduct regular checks of players’ equipment.
  • Is responsible for promoting proper warm up and conditioning techniques as a form of injury prevention.
  • Coordinates plans for road trips, tournaments, etc. and assists in the overall supervision of the team.
  • Establishes medical history files on every player and carries these files and the team first aid kit on every outing.
  • Implements an Emergency Action Plan for the team and through this is prepared to react in the event of accidents, injuries and medical emergencies.
  • Manages all injuries, learns to recognize serious injuries and refers injured players to qualified professionals.
  • Must assume a leadership role in promoting the values of safety, fair play and integrity.